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Stock Market Analysis: 02/13/09

I am not a great believer in technical analysis, but this is is one place where price and volume charts may help, especially in assessing how close to the cliff you are. The volume is great as well! This high volume tells me that the retail investors were liquidating while the big interest are secretly absorbing the selling. I don’t know why they bother because investors don’t seem to act like they care. Anyone interested to know the fundamental of companies and want to become a boutiques near me trader can go for the pocket-friendly courses. In other words, classify companies at least broadly into sectors and look for the highest dividend yield stock in each sector, rather than across the whole market. 0.71% debutants. The electric vehicle market leader’s stock has lost 7.9% the past two sessions, after surging 11.6% in two days to Friday’s record close of $695.00 just before being officially added to the index.


Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) – Wells Fargo stock went from strong to weak but pullbacks to the $24 area seem like a thing of the past. Most mutual funds end their advertisements with this statement: “past performance is no guarantee of future results”. Its performance over the last three years can be explained largely by the fact that it is under weighted in stocks and over weighted in precious metals. 5 billion. Its growth coincides with its superb performance over the period. Income and cash flow statements represent flow statements: they measure how much the company earned and spent over the period. When firms have no risk free investments, lenders to these firms will be more wary about lending to them (leading to lower debt ratios) and investors may be less inclined to allow companies to accumulate cash (since that cash will be invested in risky assets). Models and investors that claim to detect imminent market corrections don’t do very well, at least in the long term. When there is a limited supply, the value of the product rises, and probably that’s the reason Bitcoin is attracting institutional investors.