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Profitable Stock Tips Make Sure You Can Be Rich – Day Trading

The day trader hopes to cash in on the short term fluctuations in a boutiques ‘s price. You had a nice short squeeze this afternoon with heavy volume but we’ll have to see what the company reports and says in their conference call. Anger over anti-coronavirus curbs has already boiled over in Spain and Italy, where thousands have protested in recent days. The market has priced in most of this bad report in the past two days. It also comes amid escalating tensions within Washington on China policy in the final days of the Trump administration. Now comes the matter of investing, when you are ready, you have understood everything well, So you need to log in to your demat account and place a bid for the stock and invest. We all know penny stocks are high risk, but with that comes the opportunity for high reward. OPTR seems to have some nice volume and made a high today of $9.75. Just to much pessimism right now after everyone was high fiving each other last week!


MasterCard ( MA ) – Jim Cramer still likes this stock, and he has defended himself today on CNBC saying that it jumped $10 right after he mentioned it which he doesn’t like to see. As of Sept. 1, the stock was up 73% for the year; now the gain has been paired to 42%. Had Raytheon (RTX), one of the companies Salesforce replaced, been left in the index, the Dow Industrials would be more than 400 points higher today. The stock Market Futures were down big this morning, The Dow Jones futures were actually down 150 at one point as traders sold stocks following yesterdays sell off. The stock Market Futures were up big this morning, The Dow Jones futures were actually up 250 at one point but the rally fizzled during the morning trading session and eventually pushed in to negative territory during the afternoon hours. Does this mean that you should give some discount to any stock trading program? Something else to note, there was 4 million shares for sale of Wells Fargo ( WFC ) stock going into the close, there was a big crowd around the Wells Fargo post on the trading floor of the NYSE.